Reminder about the Art and Design assessment (Friday, 25th January 2019):

The practical allocation of time is a valuable opportunity for you to either produce studies which will be used in your Expressive folio, or to begin work on your final outcome.  There is no rigid expectation of the number of studies you should complete during this time - use this as an extended period in which to produce some excellent work for your unit!


The written section will require you to answer a question about the two designers you have studied.  Make sure you are able to name their work, and when you are asked to refer to a piece of work by a designer, MAKE SURE YOU NAME THE WORK..!   You will also have to answer a question on the social/ technological/ historical influences on this designer.  This means WHO or WHAT influenced them most, and what effect did this have.

Remember, the teacher who grades your written task will not be able to 'guess' who you're writing about.

Please remember to use the correct vocabulary when answering the questions - so make sure you are able to justify each statement about the visual elements.


Finally, you will be given an 'unseen' question.  This will be a design which you may or may not be familiar with.  It is important again to ensure that you always give a reason for any statement that you make about the visual elements.