Many of our pupils have been treated to a visit on board the 'Design in Motion' Travelling Gallery, which pulled up for a day at St Peter's.

The Gallery is currently showing the work of contemporary designers, in advance of the opening of the new Victoria and Albert Museum in Dundee.  Our pupils had the opportunity of interacting with the latest design software, and learned about the work of the designers on show.

Fashion Designer Holly Fulton's work was on show.  Her design process involves researching, sketching and thinking about new ideas she can use in her work.  With the precision of an architect, she draws a full scale plan of a piece before adding colour.  Fulton's process begins by cutting the garment shape, then hand drawing the exact pattern.  For the dresses made in perspex, each hole is drawn to scale, then scanned and a colour-coded version of the pattern is sent to an illustrator.  The then converts this illustration to a computer file and sends it to be laser cut.  The pieces are stitched by hand with one garment taking up to four days to complete.