Design Folio 

Use the checklist below to ensure you have everything in place within your Design folio:

  • Investigation/ Research drawings
  • Evidence of Market Research appropriate to your chosen area of design
  • A range of full and varied development work, demonstrating your use of different media and techniques - it is essential you show off your talents to your best ability!
  • Reference to a designer whose work has been influential to you
  • Final outcome, in your choice of media

Maximum submission size is no more than 3 x A2 sheets or equivalent (you could have one A1, and one A2 sheet)

Pupils should note that Assessment Deadlines must be met on time in order to pass in each unit.

Video Resources

Pop Art


Paul Cezanne's work (on Youtube)

PowerPoint Resources





Guide to Surrealism

Guide to Cubism

Understanding Composition

National 4 and 5

Throughout S3 and S4 you will be issued with various sets of practical and critical homework.  Check back here for useful links!



Poster Design Resources:

Art Nouveau               Website describing the important facts              

Abram Games            Biography/ photosheet/ hints

Abram Games            Influences and Style

Abram Games            London Underground poster

Abram Games            Air Mail poster

Alphonse Mucha         Website 

Milton Glaser             Contemporary Graphic Design

Milton Glaser              Video explaining the creation of 'Rise for Japan' 

Paula Scher                Contemporary Graphic Design

Rene Lalique              Biography/ Information

Shepard Fairey           Biography, Contemporary Graphic Design 

Shepard Fairey           'Hope' poster

Shepard Fairey           'One Hell of a Leader' poster

Shepard Fairey           ...explaining his work

Why Design Posters?

The Poster as a Public Message

Modern Poster Development  

What Makes a Great Logo/ Graphic Design?

Great Logo/ Graphic Designs

Saul Bass photosheet/ info (PDF file)

Saul Bass biog                 Information/ Biography


Fashion Design Resources:

Stephen Jones              Contemporary milliner/ hat designer

Philip Treacy                 Contemporary milliner/ hat designer

Caroline Reboux           French milliner from the 1920s



Alison Watt                         Self Portrait

Alison Watt                         Queen Mother portrait

Alberto Morrocco             Still Life  

Cezanne powerpoint     

Chuck Close                       Info/ question sheet 'Mark'

David Hockney powerpoint

David Hockney                  David Hockney biography

David Hockney                  Landscape info/ question sheet 1

David Hockney                  Landscape info/ question sheet 2

David Hockney                  Still Life sheet 1

David Hockney                  Still Life sheet 2

John Lowrie Morrison  Scottish contemporary artist

Picasso                                Biography and paintings/ videos

Van Gogh                           Excellent online resource to the life and works of Van Gogh

Van Gogh at     Biography/ online gallery

Paul Cezanne                   Still Life sheet 1

Paul Cezanne                   The complete works! 

Pop Art                                Excellent online guide to this Movement              

Post Impressionism      The facts. Easy to use website, telling you most of what you should know.