Recent Work

Photo Joiners Task

A Joiner is a collection of individual photos which when joined together with others, produce one, single image.  

Higher Photography pupils chose their subject from around our school environment, and produced the images here.  

There was no limit to the number of photos our pupils chose to join together when creating their joined images.

Our pupils used 'Photo Plus' editing software to create their images. 

The following are samples of the final twelve images from pupils' folios


Photography Higher Unit by Chloe Biggins - 'The Visual Elements in the Environment'

Photography Higher Unit by Matthew McGoldrick - 'The Visual Elements in the Environment' 

 Photography Higher Unit by Rebecca Quinn - 'The Urban Environment' 

 Photography Higher Unit by Amy Burns - 'Youth Culture - Dance' 

Photography Higher Unit by Gosia Kakaska - 'The Natural World'  

 Photography Higher Unit by Mary-Anne Rankin - 'Youth Culture'

Photography Higher Unit by Connor McCann - 'Urban Decay'

Photography Higher Unit by Rebecca Margey - 'Youth Culture - Horror Movies'

 Photography Higher Unit by Heather Hughes - 'The Natural Environment'

 Photography Higher Unit by Aisha Toussaint - 'Youth Culture'