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Photographing Found Objects in the Landscape

Self Portrait
Photographing Your Area
Photographing Journeys
Photographing Reflections

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Higher Photography

The course:

In Higher Photography, you will be expected to show creative and technical skills and control.  You will have the opportunity as your studies progress, to advance your technical know-how, and to develop your creative awareness.

You will learn how to work with a variety of essential tools, and you will experiment with a range of photographic media, techniques and software.  Most importantly, you will learn how to use the camera's controls to help you showcase your creativity. Whilst learning these important skills, you will also study the work of other photographers, and will have the opportunity to discuss and evaluate their work.

The new Higher allows you to negotiate your own area of study with your teacher, and to submit work which is therefore more personal to you.  This accounts for roughly half of the coursework.  The other main submission will consist of a task which is set for you by your teacher.

Why Photography?
The photograph abounds in modern society.
On a daily basis we are bombarded with photographic imagery; from television and the news media to billboards, the Internet and advertising.
As well as being consumers of, we are all creators of images. The mobile phone has seen to that. Most of us carry a camera in some shape or form.
We print these images; we put them on ‘Flickr’, ‘YouTube’, ‘MySpace’, ‘Facebook’ and other social networking sites.
Higher Photography will give you the opportunity to improve these skills and to develop a greater understanding as to how these images influence and shape us.
Entry requirements:
This course is aimed at S5 and S6 students. While there are no formal entry requirements, a qualification in Art and Design or Digital Media would prove useful.
The Art and Design dept has a small number of digital cameras but it would be helpful if candidates had their own camera. These should have access to manual controls. Do not rush out and buy a new camera, please consult with Mr Bell or Miss Smith first of all.
Career opportunities:
Higher Photography for the media would be good preparation for those young people who are considering a career in Photography.  It is an ideal way of building a portfolio for college. Likewise, those considering Art school would find it invaluable in enhancing their portfolio.
Photographers are employed in a number of different areas:
Press and Media, Medical and Forensics, Fashion, Wedding, Product  Advertising, 
The Armed Forces,Portraiture, Art Photography, The Leisure Industry.