Downloadable Notes and Revision

Artistic Adjectives...  Use these when writing your critical evaluations

Art Lex - Dictionary of the language of Art and Design         

Artyfactory - Helpful site, with 'How to Answer' guide       

Art Nouveau Information Sheet   PDF file

How to answer a Landscape Question                                                                 


                                                                                                Ayala Bar Higher and Int 2 Revision

                                                                                                Gail Klevan Higher and Int 2 Revision

                                                                                                Art Nouveau  Sheet 2      Art Deco  Art Deco 2  Art Deco Graphic Design

                                                                                                Abram Games Biography/ Photosheet  AbramGames at Artyfactory

EXPRESSIVE                                                                          Javier Mariscal

Alison Watt Biography                                                             Stephen Jones

Alison Watt Still Life sheet                                                       Philippe Starck Biography/ Photosheet

Alison Watt Portrait sheet                                                                                                                                   

Cezanne Biography and photosheet 1                                        Alphonse Mucha Biography    Alphonse Mucha Website                 

Cezanne House with Cracked Walls                                           Design Critical Evaluation

Cezanne Landscape sheet                                                          Jewellery - 'How to evaluate' sheet  Ayala Barr 1  Ayala Barr 2

Cezanne powerpoint

Cezanne Portrait sheet                                                             Alphonse Mucha sheet 2                                                                                

                                                                                                Shepard Fairey biography/ photosheet

Cezanne - Road at Chantilly                                                     Shepard Fairey study sheet

Cezanne - Still Life with Plaster Cupid

Cezanne - Bottles and Chairback

Cezanne - The Bay from L'Estaque

Van Gogh online resources

David Hockney Biography and Photosheet                              Gail Klevan Biography/ Photosheet

David Hockney online                                                             Rene Lalique Biography/ Photosheet

David Hockney Pearlblossom HighwayA Guide                     Saul Bass Biography  Saul Bass Photosheet/ info

David Hockney powerpoint

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