We study two separate areas within Art and Design:  

This involves works that have an expressive outcome, which could be a portrait, a landscape, or a still life.

Either a 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional outcome, which could be graphic design (poster/ logo/ advertising), or take the form of a product (architecture/ hat design/ textile and clothing) design.

We also look at the work of famous artists and designers.  You will be introduced to their work during the course of S1 and S2.

Expressive Artists and Designers                                                         
David Hockney          Shepard Fairey                                   
Paul Cezanne            Abram Games                                                  

           Useful Video Resources

S1/2 Art and Design

In S1/2, pupils study a broad curriculum. 

An introduction to a wide range of materials and techniques is offered, as well as short studies on the work of artists and designers.

The S1/2 course is designed to give all pupils the opportunity to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the visual arts.

A career in Art and Design can include graphic design.  Graphic designers are most sought after by publishing houses and advertising firms

Have you taken a closer look at the amazing designs of the latest fashion magazine or have you studied the latest concepts used in advertising? If this is your area of interest then this can be a very lucrative career option in the field of art.

You can be a fabulous animator, illustrator for a top-notch magazine, a graphic designer in an advertising firm or even a website designer creating new and sleek designs to project the right image of the company.

This is not all for designers who are beginning their career in the field of art; you can even try your had in films and television, creating extravagant backdrops for a film scene.  Another trend right now is designing computer and mobile games and an excellent skill in cartooning can gain you an excellent job with a game-designing company in Scotland.  If fashion is your passion and if you can sketch with ease with a great sense of colour and style, then you can even go towards fashion designing and begin a career in costume design.  Fashion design is fast gaining ground as a lucrative career and if you get the right break you can be catapulted on the runway to success. 

A career in Art and Design also means you can explore new avenues in landscape design, interior design, set design and even in teaching